I coach students preparing for MathCounts and the AMCs, and I teach using curriculum published by Art of Problem Solving.

“BTW, she’s a rock star math tutor.”

“Thank you for showing me the divisibility by eleven proof.”

“She proclaims you as the best math teacher ever and even for the first time says she likes math!”

“This morning on the way to English he asked ‘Mom, when do I get to meet again with Vida?’”

“I’ve learned SO MUCH this year, thanks to you. Now some of the problems I thought looked SUPER SUPER hard are actually not as hard as I thought they would be!”

“Thanks for being such a fun and knowledgeable math teacher.”

“My youngest who isn’t a math fan has become a fan of math in working with Vida.”

“My daughter’s confidence continues to grow as do her opinions about math. I think it is really great how she actually talks about math (no longer avoiding the subject)! Thank you.”

“Thank you for letting us learn more math through the contest. I have enjoyed solving and learning problems.”

“Thank you for being my teacher this year. I really appreciate the time and effort you spent teaching me math.”

“Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for our mathletes.”

“You work magic. Really.”