AoPS Options: 4 Ways to Study!

Many parents contact me because they are confused by the options for studying AoPS curriculum. And it is confusing! Here is a summary of options with my list of advantages and disadvantages:

(1)  AoPS textbook only.   

Advantages: go at your own pace, more practice problems, if parent teaches it is least expensive option

Disadvantages: no group/community learning, may need to hire a tutor (becoming most expensive option)

(2)  AoPS online class.  

Advantages: student is on a set schedule, i.e., you know exactly when you will be finished with a course; student joins the AoPS online community of math loving students, opportunity to learn and practice Latex skills, writing problems evaluated by human teacher.

Disadvantages: students often do not take deadlines seriously and do not complete homework problems by deadline (homework extensions only compound this problem), little flexibility for family schedules, some students do not like text-based class, fewer homework problems.

(3) AoPS self-paced class.  (Prealgebra only)

Advantages:  very similar to online class without online classroom, but with great flexibility in timing

Disadvantages:  students historically tend to not complete the class, access limited to 9 months per half course.

(4)  AoPS Academy courses.

Advantages: In person classes with online video during pandemic

Disadvantages:  Limited campus sites

I support students who are using all these options with an online whiteboard and videoconferencing.  
For example with the textbook only option (1), I work through the problems with the students and then assign the Exercises, Review Problems and Challenge Problems as homework.  
I also support students who are taking online classes (options 2,3,4) with light homework help.  Sometimes I remind them of key points from lecture, a short prompt here and there to get them started.  I also model solid mathematical documentation on the whiteboard to help them avoid errors and improve their writing problem responses.  I also get them started with Latex (more exciting than it sounds!).


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