5 Ways to Show Your Work

I tutor students who are using the AoPS math curriculum and/or are preparing for math contests like MathCounts and AMC.

Today I’m sharing 5 Ways to Show Your Work in math that you can start doing today.
  1. Line Up Equal Signs.  Nothing helps organize your thoughts like equal signs in a straight line.
  2. Reorient Similar Triangles.  You found similar triangles.  Yay!  The last thing you want now is wrong ratios from wrong corresponding sides.  To avoid errors, redraw the triangles so that corresponding sides are oriented the same way.
  3. Arrows, people!    Marie Kondo your cluttered diagrams with arrows.  Help your readers follow your reasoning.
  4. Line Up Substitutions.  Everything that’s equal is in the same column.
  5. Practice your 3D Drawings and Cross Sections.  Get used to slicing up solids and drawing parallel lines to vanishing points.  It’s art!  It’s math!

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